The advantage of Sunvis Automatic announcer

Automatic announcer can add customers ’ satisfaction and bus companies’ reputation.

No human operation involved. Automatically announces the stop-name at 30 meters before the stop and 15 meters after the stop.

The system also frees bus conductors and drivers from announcing stop names that allow them to concentrate more on their primary jobs. This effectively increases their efficiency and results in a flawless bus stop announcement system entirely driven by satellite based position information.

Precise advertisement localization - The automatic announcer can precisely announce the advertisement, so it gets the confidence of advertiser, and create much wealth for itself.

In short, the use of Sunvis Station Guide automatic announcer can bring large convenience for driver, conductor, passengers, advertisers, etc. It is an important component of intelligent bus that the government promotes. It is a high-tech product that is combined by global satellite positioning and computer controlling technology. It must be the necessary choice of all bus companies looking towards the future.

Newest GPS technology, automatic, easy, safe...

Report bus station information, advertisement or music (depends on the voice loaded to SD card) automatically.

Voice message can be changed easily in SD card

Can be used as GPS automatic announcer or Manual announcer.

Four Fixed Specific  Messages at a press of a Button

Can memorize maximum 100 bus lines voice information in each SD Card, two directions in each line, maximum 99 stations per line  in each direction

For the buses running on the same line, SD card data can be copied to other buses from one which already obtained the data by once practical driving.

Automatic switch of up-line / down-line

Adjustable volume

Professional Free Route Builders Desk top Application Software which will allow customers to sit in their office and decide where and when to play the station information

Advertise at Particular location which makes the advertisement more local