With the rise in development and business activities, large cities around the world are facing increasing challenges in public transport system. More and more people are using public transport system and the buses are plying through more crowded roads than ever.  The Sunvis Station Guide is linked to Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system. Therefore  its offer  real time information  to all bus passengers, making the services  more efficient and the travel information as  accurate and up to the minute as possible.

The Sunvis Station Guide system comprises a rugged Navigation Computer with an Audio Player unit and Route Builders Software. The Navigation Computer receives data from Global Positioning Satellites via a small antenna mounted on the roof of the bus and estimates the location of the vehicle within a range of 25 metres. Knowing the location of the bus, the Sunvis Station Guide system is programmed to provide a variety of audio outputs. As the bus approaches a stop, a “Next Stop” audio message announcement is made and when the Bus leave the Stop, again an audio message will be played informing the passengers about the coming Stops. It is possible for many hours of near-CD quality audio messages to be stored on the interchangeable Smart Media storage card built into the Audio Player.

Sunvis Systems with over a decade of experience in the Software industry, now provides “Station Guide” a full functioning and proved system for Auto Announce industry application for Town Bus, City Bus, Inter City Bus, Long Route Bus, Tour Bus, Boat and Train etc.

About GPS global satellite announcer:

The GPS global satellite announcer utilizes global satellite position system (GPS), to determine the position of bus stops. When the bus comes near a bus stop, it receives the information of the bus stop, and it announces the bus stop name automatically. It can also warn automatically of important place or Point of Interest (POI).

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